our epic story

“we spend each day sharpening the tools of the digital trade.”


humble beginnings

Met in 2003 and married in 2009 at a seaside affair. Whatever hobby or venture we came across our passion was always to improve and grow. Nature and outdoors has always been our gateway and a place for inspiration. Scrapbooking and crafts has always been my hobby and Attie had always a good eye on woodwork and design.

Camping is our number one gateway, which we love to to enjoy it with our kids. 

“We are like two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly to bring you the complete and best end product.”

where we are now

Over the years we have been through different hobbies and adventures. Learning now that each event shaped us to who we are now.

Knowledge, skills and experience has helped us to develop this venture. With a technical and creative brains we are able to give variety of products to any client.  We both always strive to learn new skills or improve skills we already have.

“When you see failure as trial and error, you become unstopabble, your sense of failure dissolves, and there are only lessons learned on your path to success.”


merits and what we stand for

being authentic and crazy about our work is the foundation of our work.


Uniqeness is the name of the game. With every project that we create for our clients we push ourselves to deliver quality and a unique feel.

team work

We might only be a two man band, but we sure compliment each other with our skills. Atties technical and 3D skills go very well with Kasia's creative and marketing skills.


Good communication is so important in any relationship, and we treat our clients relationship just like we do our own. We learn and research our clients needs and wants in detail to bring the best product possible.


Our strength is forged by commitment to deliver exceptional client experience. We approach each oppurtinity to showcase our passion with genuine empathy, patience and openess.


Quality is of high importance to use. We will go to great lengths to make sure our clients end product is of the highest quality. No many how many re-dos there might be, end quality is very important to us.

it's personal

Our passion not only lies in building identities and empowering organizations but also bringing creative touches to special occasions. We believe that no matter how small the event is, it deserves to be just as special as the big ones.


Starting out from scratch we know how hard it is to grow and cut through the industry. We have been so blessed with knowledge and resources to learn and progress. That is why we feel strongly to help small businesses grow.

we care

Our world is being so mis-used with all the pollution and litter. We feel very strongly to help the enviroment. This is why we created so many digital options.

feeling excited?

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